Thursday, January 27, 2005

Hello World!

Well, whaddya know, I've got my own blog. Aren't I cool? And more than a little late to the party. Thank goodness for Blogger. I wouldn' t know how to set this thing up myself.

Lots of stuff going on lately that makes me mad. Have you seen ? He's pretty dedicated and writes updates daily. I don't know if I'll have that much time. I'll just stick to the few things I hear about that piss me off.

My wife says I'm an angry person. I don't think so. I'm just very easily ticked off. Like this whole Hot 97 "Tsunami Song" incident. I told her about it and she says, "That's just wrong." and that's it. I'm steaming about it! I can't believe these idiots have their own radio show! I can't believe the executives are sitting in their offices thinking that a contrite apology and one week's docked pay is enough. And "indefinitely suspended"? WTF? Why aren't these people fired already?!

Don't get me started on the Dis-Honorable Mayor Ron "Gonzo" Gonzales. If you looked up "scumbag politician", you'd probably see his face in Webster's. I had my two minutes in front of the City Council the other night and they sat there, stone faced while 60 people expressed their frustration over the Coyote Valley Specific Plan. What is it? Check out the website:

Basically, they want to build this huge city in the middle of Coyote Valley. Half of the area doesn't even belong to San Jose. WTF? That's like you making plans to put in an olympic sized pool. In your neighbor's backyard! It's Gonzo's pet project, so he can leave with a shiny star on his record, instead of the black eye that is the affair he had with a staffer half his age. Even though he called it a "serious mistake" at the time, I believe they are now married. My wife went to school with her. And Gonzo is older than my Father in law. Shameless.

And now he wants to appropriate lands from farmers and homeowners, paying them a handsome $10,000 an acre. WTF? Do you know how much land goes for in Silicon Valley?

Don't even get me started about housing prices. It's freaking crazy out here.

Okay, enough for today. I'm sure there will more things to rant about tomorrow.

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