Wednesday, October 18, 2006

OLH baby!

Well, I finally found my way to Old La Honda and I had to go up! Feeling quite crappy having been off the bike for about two weeks. Lots of other things going on in my life that are more important.

Funny thing is, being on the bike let me make the right descision on those "important" matters. It's a great way to clear your head.

So OLH is this local climb that is semi-legendary. It's 1290 ft elevation in 3.3 miles. Local roadies all know their OLH time, and it's an indication of fitness/ability/climbing skillz etc. A local bike club uses it to organize thier group ride levels.

I didn't know the route, since it was my first time. I had gone down it once before, but that doesn't mean anything. It's a scary descent. When I went with two buddies, each one of us had a close encounter of the vehicular kind. Definitely an eye-opener when you round a corner and see a Chevy. The road is pretty much one lane, with some parts divided into "two lanes". That's in quotes because it's more like 1.5 lanes split into two.

Anyway, I drop into my 2nd to lowest gear right away. After about two or three switchbacks, I go up into my largest. Mind you this is only a 23, but I was able to keep up a good cadence. I think a 25 or 27 would have been faster, but I wasn't really pushing. Just wanted to finish and set a "base time" from which to improve.

A little bit into it, I see a biker ahead. I'm actually catching someone?! Woot!! I push a little harder on the pedals (just installed some Crank Bros Candy - sweet) and make up some ground quickly. As I get closer I see the long hair. Then as I pass, I see this sweet little lady. She looks to be in her 50's, but maybe older because she's a cyclist. I say my greetings and go around her. Pretty cool to see people like that out on their bikes.

About 3-5 minutes later I see another biker up. Less excited about this since the last time, so I just keep my pace and reel him in. This dude is about 65 or so. Say "good afternoon" and pass another person twice my age. Wheeeeee.

I keep climbing, see this funny road called "UpEnuf Road". Keep going and I see it again. Okay then. Keep climbing. If I knew the road I probably would have pushed a bit harder after the 2nd UpEnuf Road. I just keep spinning and taking it easy, and what is that? Mailboxes? Oh man, it's already over. I know I could have gone faster, but I'm pretty happy with my time.

30 minutes. Based on a check of my phone. Next time I'll have a stopwatch.

Edit: Check out my full route! I hope this LINK works in Yahoo Maps. It's a point to point map and it tells you mileage breakdowns. Pretty sweet.


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