Sunday, November 19, 2006

Alto Velo "B" Ride & Monte Bello.

What was I thinking Part II? With the horrible show on the AV "A" ride, I thought I could hang on if I did the AV "B" ride, because it is slower. Right? Wrong!

A mile or two into the start of the ride, I see the "Pros" go up the side of the double paceline and everyone is getting antsy. Of course as soon as they are up front, the pace picks up. I hang on as long as I could and get dropped in Stevens Canyon road (@~ 6 mile mark). I think I stayed on the "A" rider longer!

Dman these women! They're too fast.

So I called it quits and decide to hit Monte Bello again. I wasn't feeling too good, but I figure I could knock off some time since I've done it once before. Knowing the road should be good for 10 minutes right? Look how much faster I did OLH the second time around.

I was grinding it out on the lower 3rd. I really should get some lower gearing in the back. I could probably go faster if I spun a lower gear. Got to the school and wanted to relax, but I dropped down a gear and kept on pushing. Middle section was nice and rolling, I even caught and passed two people. So what if one was an older woman, and the other an older gentleman on a time trial bike...

Top third was pretty hard and I kept getting out of the saddle to make up some time. Get to the top and checked my cell phone. 48 minutes. Whoop de doo. I did it two minutes faster.

I suck.

Here is the ride profile. Only 28 miles, but 5 of it is climbing.

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