Thursday, December 28, 2006

Next Gen Systems - My Rankings

So my buddy Long asked me to rank the three next-gen consoles, having been lucky enough to play all three this holiday break. Here is my e-mail back to him and my friends:

I'm not sure how you define "best" but here are my rankings. Please note that I'm biased towards Sony, having been on their consoles for over a decade.

1) PS3 - amazing power, sleek looks and familiar controls. The Ferrari of gaming systems. Fall of Man is simply stunning to watch and even better to play. GT: HD looks stupendous on a regular set, I can only imagine what it will be like on HDTV. Plato has tried it on his set, so maybe ask his opinion? Driving feel is similar, drift mode is kinda cool. There is a reason this is the most expensive system, and it could very well be worth every penny (need to buy an HDTV to confirm).

2) Wii - one word: Fun! This is the most versatile system and will make the most "gamers" out of ordinary folks. It's great for my 4yr old neice as well as my Mom. Call of Duty 3 is awesome on the Wii, I'll give up some graphics for a more interactive controller. Wii Sports is actually a lot of fun and makes a great party game (like Sing Star of Guitar Hero).

3) X360 - third doesn't mean last - it's right up there with the other two and leagues better than PS2 or Xbox. Gears of War is my favorite game right now. I dig the easy setup (Microsoft thinks things through) and have yet to dive into Xbox Live yet. 160+ titles out make it the clear winner of the Next-Gen trio if you want to play right now. I will likely spend more time on 360 than PS3 in the next three months.


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