Sunday, July 08, 2007

It's about time! Finally hit some dirt.

Been doing mostly road riding since I moved to California. Sure we've got some great roads around these parts, and a very serious roadie community, but...

I'm a Mountain Biker!

Can't believe I've waited this long. Finally got my dirt fix satisfied!

Went to Skeggs with my buddy Long. I was riding my latest bike in the quiver, one of the last REAL Bontragers from Keith before being bought by the big bad Trek. It's a Race model built up with mostly vintage (?) era appropriate XTR and chi-chi cottage industry parts. Even has a ratty old Flite saddle that looks like it is from 1997!

The Bonty performed really well, especially for having been put together at midnight yesterday! Long would drop me on his FSR when the trail headed down, but I was able to hold my own on the climbs. By the end of the two hours I was getting really familiar with the Bonty's handling traits. Even with the longer travel fork, it was still a sweet riding machine!

The only downside was that I did only have 5 cogs working, then it became 3 gears (small, mid and large chainrings!). The bike came with this XTR RapidRise derailler that I thought didn't work. Turns out it's the XT shifter. Only goes up/down four clicks. Oh well.

Going to put 8spd XTR on it now. Even have the old 12-32 Titanium cassette which is superlight. Going real old-skool and stepping up to the 'R.


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