Monday, August 27, 2007

Comcast SUCKS!

If you want to know how a company is doing in terms of customer service, do a Google search for "[Company Name] Sucks". No surprise that you'll get close to 830,000 pages!

I had the misfortune of having to call Comcast Customer Service, a misnomer if ever there was one, last week. I was calling to see if my recently increased bill could be made a bit more palpable. It went from $20 to $43 a month for cable internet. That's a bit much for just some at home browsing. The CSR told me specifically to cancel my existing service and go sign up for the current $20/month special. Now keep in mind, this is a Comcast employee telling me a workaround to some promotional pricing plan they have. Seems the CSR can't make the change from the call center, but customers are told to do this on their own.

So I signed up. It takes you to some Live Chat after you order, but the window stayed open for an hour and NO ONE showed up. I just closed it, assuming my order would go through.

I called again today to confirm and of course, my order never got processed. Seems talking to a Live Chat representative was a key part of the ordering process. So I talked to two more idiots at Comcast's call centers. One actually had the audacity to tell me I had the wrong number!?! Uh, isn't this Comcast? (Yes.) And you handle cable internet questions? (Yes.) Then why do you think I have the wrong number? (Because I didn't hear you.) Duh!

I called for the fourth or fifth time and asked to speak to a Manager directly. Turns out his reps weren't doing the right thing (No way...) and it was bad advice to disconnect service.

So I had it turned back on. But when we move, we'll go with ANY other product that gives us a decent connection. Comcast SUCKS!

-Angry VNese Guy

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Catherinette Singleton said...

I can't imagine how they manage to stay in business. Oh wait, I can. There are no other cable companies in the area. I freaking hate them with a passion. They suck.