Monday, November 10, 2008

What is that? A VW Passa?

As is customary of al(most)l my cars, I had to take the little chrome letters off the rear of the PeeDub (Passat Wagon).  The emblems were actually quite small and rather tastefully done, but we've got a tradition to uphold!  

Can you believe people actually post on car forums asking how it's done?  I mean, seriously!  If you need to ask, maybe it's too hard for you...  I started with the T and was surprised to find I could just pry it off with my fingernail, right in the cold cold garage.  Usually people will suggest some assortment of heat, fishing line, floss, chemicals, knives, spatulas, crowbars...

I should post some pictures, but the FF is now a "        ". It was a PASSA, a PASS, an ASS and an SS at one point or another. Wendy actually thought "ASS" was funny and said I should leave it like that for awhile. I love that girl!

I did hit it with a little adhesive cleaner, but overall it was quick and painless.  A really easy "mod" that changes the look of the car for the better.


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D. said...

No pics? Looser!