Thursday, January 08, 2009

I want an Exige.

I admit it.  I'm guilty of window shopping on the List that is Craig's for my next "new" car.  No matter that we already have two very nice cars and I have a toy/beater/track/weekend car that I can waste time and money on.  I still want another car.  I think I'll always want "another car" no matter what's in the garage.  That's the curse of being a car guy.

And I used to say I want an Elise.  But now I'm going to edit myself.  I want an EXIGE.

Why?  And what's that you ask? Here's a snippet of convo with my brother:

spinergynb: what is the diff btw Elise and Exige?
PelicanRacing: hardtop!
PelicanRacing: (sorta)
PelicanRacing: rear clam is different
PelicanRacing: supposed to be like Boxster vs. Cayman
spinergynb: doesn't the orig have a removable lid?
PelicanRacing: yeah
PelicanRacing: they all do
PelicanRacing: but the Exige lid has a scoop!
spinergynb: the main diff btw the two, to me, are the lights..
PelicanRacing: it's a sick looking car
PelicanRacing: lights are better on Exige
spinergynb: aggro vs. fun
PelicanRacing: no scallops in rear
PelicanRacing: mesh vs strakes or whatever
PelicanRacing: it's definitely a mean looking car

To borrow a phrase, it's an Elise turned up to 11.  If you're gonna get a totally impractical car like a Lotus, might as well go for the most impractical car you can.  I mean an M3's nice, but driving it to work is similar to driving a 325i. I guess that's appealing to some folks, but I don't want to spend $70k for a tarted up 3 series (probably the most common car in the Bay Area).

I just read a really well written review of the Exige S 240 on Jalopnik. It sums up the thought process behind why anyone would want to own this car.

And I hope I never grow up!


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