Monday, April 07, 2008

Bad Car-ma week.

Last week sucked big time! Monday I get pulled over by CHP and I was only doing 70 in the left lane. I moved over when I saw him come up, but then he pulled in right behind me. Then he went on my right, and paced me for a 1/4 mile. When he went behind me again I knew it was coming, but it still sucked when the lights came on. I pulled off the 101 and sat on the highway off-ramp (see below) for my first misadventure of the automotive kind. Turns out I wasn't speeding (duh!) but he pulled me over for TINTED WINDOWS.


The fact that it was March 31st wasn't lost on me. Go ahead and make your quotas buddy. Cops have to deal with Car-ma too!

Just three days later, the cruel hand of Car-ma strikes down upon the Scooby Doo yet again. I'm driving home from work, and see the 101 is becoming a parking lot. I get off a few exits early thinking the surface streets will be faster. It normally is, but today this stupid lady in a minivan in front of me decides to STOP at the Yield sign. I guess she doesn't know the difference between the two. I come to a stop on the off-ramp (I'm starting to hate these things), but the guy in the Jeep behind me doesn't. BAM! My poor unmolested wagon is gonna need a visit to the bodyshop. I should stop here, because I haven't gotten the estimate yet. At least his insurance called and admitted fault, so it's going to be fixed up (borat voice) "real nice" .

One last note, CHP was completely unprofessional and semi-abusive, even though I was just in an accident and did nothing wrong. I guess it's too much to ask them to DO THEIR JOB and help motorists in need. Sorry my taxes aren't enough for you buddy!

-Very Angy VG

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