Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gimme a break!

Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar!  Well, it was bound to happen.  I thought I haven't had a bad ankle injury since I moved to California, but my wife reminded me that I did something stupid at the pre-Super Bowl flag football game one year.  So maybe it's been about 5 years injury free... until this past Thursday.

We were playing our usual lunchtime game, had a good number of people on the court and things were getting, uh, competitive.  I went for a drive and got bumped pretty good.  Should have finished stronger. Next play I come back and Sully's shooting an open shot outside.  Not on my watch!  I went hard for the ball, and it turned out to be too hard.  Landed on his foot coming down and I heard the all too familiar POP!  

This pic is from day 2, it's a small fracture on the fibula so recovery should be no problema

Pain.  Shit. F*&K!  I needed to sit down, but I knew what happened.  I hopped off the court and just dropped to the floor.  Dang, I remember how badly these things hurt.  How am I going to drive to work tomorrow?!?

The guys were cool, and everyone came over.  I felt bad since they stopped the game, but it was towards the end of the lunch hour anyway.  Long story short, the swelling was immediate and looked very strange in location and size.  I went to the hospital and got some x-rays.

Broken Ankle!  People joke about it in basketball (i.e. point guard trash talking), but apparently it happens all the time.  2 weeks off the foot (crutches suck) and 4+ weeks recovery.  I think I'll pick up golfing again.


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