Friday, August 29, 2008

Four more years? Yes Please!

Today was our 4th anniversary and it was awesome!

Dropped off the baby genius in the morning, and he wailed as usual.  This kid really loves his Mommy!  Hung out at the Stanford Mall until stores opened and the Mrs. bought herself a nice new coat (with a lot of pushing).

After that we went to the Tesla Motors showroom, and I sat in a Roadster. It's a pretty nicely tarted up Elise. I've always wanted to check one out in person and it did not disappoint.  Then we did a spa session at Watercourse Way - very hot/cool and relaxing.  I can see why my wife likes to do this stuff! 

For lunch we hit up a Brazilian steakhouse (all you can eat!). After we stuffed ourselves silly, we went to test drive the new A4. Wen liked it more than I expected, but I think she'd rather have a new G35 (or G37!).  I only wish that Infiniti made a wagon to go head to head with the Avant.  Well, there is that EX35 CUV/Crossover/tall wagon thing.  It has surprisingly little legroom in the rear, even less than it's chassis-twin (the G35 sedan).

At this point, Momma bear missed her baby bear too dearly so we went to pick him up early.  Hit the pool for a bit and just relaxed the rest of the evening with a good movie.  What a great day!  I can't wait to see what the next four years brings!


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