Friday, October 24, 2008

Recent Rides.

It's been a while huh?  Just been spending time with The King and his Mommy.  I gotta get that kid to update his blog as well.  Had a few minutes at lunch and wanted to put some words down about cars I've recently seen/driven/bought/sold.

GT-R.  Finally saw one in the flesh (metal?).  Going to get The King from daycare.  Of course, Palo Alto would be where I would spot the Godzilla.  Also saw a Can-Am Spyder there a few months ago.  Both are pretty rare.  And both will be mine one day.  The Nissan was the same color as the one I own... in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

Just got back from vacation and we got to "pick a car" off the Enterprise lot.  We were slated for a Pontiac G6, but that's an ugly beast and it looked like your typical rental.  Saw they had a 300C, Charger and a white VW Passat! (more on this later).  We passed on those because they're considered 'premium' cars and would cost more.  No need to waste $ on a rental.  I saw a Malibu in the corner and asked if that was the same price.  I was surprised that it was since it was bigger and newer than the Ponti-crap.  Overall I was impressed with the Malibu, though I still wouldn't buy one myself.  It had lots of room, decent power from the Ecotec and a decently finished cabin.  GM really did up it's game with this one.  Too bad 90% of it's lineup is still crap.  I wouldn't chuckle-under-my-breath if someone told me they bought a Malibu.  I'd consider putting my own cash down on a G8 GT or a CTS-V now.

I also drove a Jetta 2.5 "Wolfsburg Edition".  I think the "WE" trim is just some cosmetic stuff, so I would have to say a base Jetta is a solid car.  The motor has good torque, and no real top end - though it makes good grunting noises.  The cabin is nice and it does the "euro sedan" thing well enough, at a competitive price.  I would recommend this to anyone looking for a cheap european car.  I assume the Rabbit is equally competent given the shared chassis.

Speaking of which, the MKV also rides under the Passat.  Which is why I was driving a Jetta loaner.  We had to get the windshield replaced on our BRAND NEW car because the (other) VW dealership is staffed by idiots.  We got the car in a dealer-trade, but it was missing a wiper and someone had turned on the wipers leaving a nice long scratch in the windshield.  The service guys at Winn VW aren't the brightest bulbs either, but I insisted they replace it.  It's just as bad as a long scratch on the side of the car, and I was looking at it every time I drove!

Other than that, the Passat Wagon has been a joy to drive.  Sure it's nothing like the WRX, but that's the point.  It's LARGE, quiet, comfy, gets good mileage and does a decent impression of an entry-level luxury car.  It was such a logical decision that I feel like I've been slowly getting to know the car, and I like what I'm finding. VW ownership is like finding small gifts in the form of thoughtful features (tap-to-pass blinkers, driver-side glovebox, etc.).  Well, at least until those things break and I end up in the service bay.  AGAIN.

I also managed to put in a short drive in the G35 after about a month away.  Wow.  What a great car.  I had forgotten how awesome the VQ35 was, and what a marvelous chassis the FM platform is.  Just coming out of the driveway and around the first corner I was smitten once again.  The G has held up very well over these last 3.5yrs and still is a joy to dive into a corner with.  The power was nice, definitely missing from the Passat and a different experience from the WRX.  The steering wheel is one of my favorite features, and makes the plastic-fantastic of the PW an even bigger letdown.

Which brings us to the WRX wagon.  I was worried about smog testing, but a switch back to the stock exhaust and she passed with flying colors.  Not bad for 300+hp.  Now she's officially "not mine".

Now I just need to chip the Passat.


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D. said...

The VW is like a Mac without the reliability.

And we turned you onto both. Next up, because we're Southerners, moonshine.. or meth.