Monday, October 27, 2008

Three Car Garage.

It's every red-blooded American's dream - the Three Car Garage (TCG).  Maybe it's just every motor-oil-blooded American's dream.  Well check it out!  

I didn't think we could fit three across, but there's plenty of space.  Mostly because Max's ride is so SMALL.  

I just picked it up tonight and am thinking the maiden voyage is tomorrow morning.  Wendy thinks it too dangerous for her little king, but I'll make sure he wears his helmet and takes it easy on the 'Go' pedal.  At least until he gets the hang of it!

I'm already thinking of what mods I could do to his kart.  Drop it, some stickier tires (plastic has such a low coefficient of friction!), maybe a paint job...

-Motor Daddy

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