Monday, March 16, 2009

This makes me... not as Angry as I thought.

I think I'm getting old.  My Xbox360 decided to die today and I was just bummed that we couldn't watch Wall-E!  My poor baby would have to wait to get his movie fix.

I tried to submit an order repair online since talking to a CSR is very low on my list of favorite things to do.  Of course you have to have a stupid MSFT Live account.  Which I did.  But I don't use Hotmail (cause it sucks) so they kill my Live acct after 3 months (or whatever).  So I signed up again.  And they ask you to make a new gamertag.  Uh, I already have one!  And I ain't changing it.  So I give in and call the dman 800 number.

The call wasn't bad, besides a bit of deciphering required, it actually went rather smoothly.  I was worried they would ask for a dated receipt to verify my 360 was still under warranty (it is) but they didn't.  I do have to use my own box, but that's no big deal.  I actually got the shipping label right away, though the guy said it wouldn't be ready for a few hours.

It's going out tomorrow and the timer starts.  How long will it be before I get my (or a refurb?) 360 back?

Thank goodness the PS3 works fine (when ever I do use it).

-Less Angry VG

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