Thursday, January 07, 2010

SJ Auto Show - weaksauce!

It's been a while, but I haven't had much to post about what with building a car and all...

Managed to get a few hours away from the shop today and decided to go check out the auto show at the San Jose Convention Center. Billing itself as the "Silicon Valley International Auto Show" gave me high hopes, which was quickly dashed when I entered the building.

Coming out of the garage you had your usual automotive paraphernalia peddling midway. Except this one was only a half dozen booths long. There were some "race cars" from Sears Point and SCCA, and a FSAE car from San Jose State. All were disappointing and even a race car (and fabrication) fan like me just walked past them. When I figured out the main entrance was actually the other way, I was more annoyed than excited about walking back past the racers. I've seen better cars at the parking lot of SEMA, or any HPDE in Northern California.

Went up the stairs and was greeted by the "baller" cars. Lambo, Ferrari and Bentleys a plenty. This wasn't an official manufacturer showcase, just a local dealer peddling their wares. Appropriately staffed by a hot young blonde and roped off so none of the San Jose-types could touch (the cars, not the blonde). I liked the Bentley GT Supersports because of the color (like the wife's G35) and black rims. The F40 was nice to see in person, but the F-Scud Spider was the hotness.

Inside it was pretty weak overall with Hyundai surprising me with the biggest and best staffed booth. The BMW sales guy was kinda slimy putting down the Acura ZDX across the way, as if the X6 was the original and a beauty queen or something. The 5 Series GT was nice inside, but way too weird looking to be seen in. The M5 was kinda 'meh' and the best Bimmer was (sadly) a 128i (they didn't even bring the 135i) with some nice wheels. The Mini half of the booth was easily passed up because they're a dime a dozen around this area.

I tried all the modern day muscle cars and I've gotta say, the Mustang does it for me. Nicest interior of the bunch. Good lines without being too retro and looking like it weighs 5000lbs. I think the Dodge might actually weigh that much. And it's mid-90's interior straight off a 300C/Magnum/Charger was rather uninspiring. The Camaro interior on the other hand looks like it's trying to hard and fails.

The most comfy car was actually a Mazda Miata. What does that say about me? The Lincoln MKS is a tarted up Taurus and feels more cramped. The Taurus itself was a nice surprise, might make a good vehicle for Mom & Dad. The trunk was HUGE!

It was kinda funny how each booth represented their brand, whether it was intended or not. See my Picasa Album and comments.


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